Biography taz

Taz is the youngest out of all the Looney Tunes who only appeared in five Looney Tunes sketches before Warner Bros. Cartoons shut down in 1964 but appearing in marketing and television appearances and reaching a new popularity in the 1990's.

The Tasmanian Devil was conceived by director Robert McKimson and writer Sid Marcus in 1954 as they were brainstorming to find a new opponent for Bugs Bunny. One of them remarked that the combined talents of animators at the studio had turned practically every animal in existence into a cartoon character and that all that was left was a Tasmanian Devil. Intrigued, McKimson designed a creature shorter than Bugs and whose body was dominated by his stomach and mouth cavity- and whose rather feeble-looking legs and arms powered a spinning juggernaut that terrified animals of all shapes and sizes.

When Mel Blanc began to develop a voice for this new character, he asked, all innocence, "What does he sound like?" and was told, "Nobody has ever heard one." So he was compelled to ad-lib some kind of glottal-guttural gravelly gargle , now lovingly described as "Taz-speak."

ln the year 1991 Taz actually started his own show! This half an hour animated cartoon involves around Taz, as an 18 year old boy, Jake, his 4 years old brother, Molly, his 12 year old sister, and his mother and father, Hugh and Jean. Not to forget his turtle pet, Dog. If not working as a bell hop at the Hotel Tasmania, he usually eats everything in sight. Otherwise, he hangs around with his friends such as Buddy Boar, or avoid being capture by Bull Gator and his sidekick Axl. And another one, outsmarting Francis X. Bushiad, son of a tribal chieftain

This text is an edited version of the original text of Kevin McCorry.