The Tasmanian Devil is one of the most popular Warner Brothers cartoon characters. He is the leading personage of a 1990s television series, Taz-Mania, run first on the FOX Network and then in syndication. Yet, the Tasmanian Devil was never a regular performer in cartoon shorts during the classic era of Warner Brothers animation. Only 5 classic era cartoons featured the diminutive but fierce juggernaut from down-under, with a sixth cartoon short produced for Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales in 1979, a minor role as Yosemite Sam's stooge in the 1983 feature film, Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island, and a few appearances in between-cartoon stage scenes on the 1960-2 Bugs Bunny Show. And even these appearances were not initially popular with critics and audiences.

The five classic cartoons are 'Devil May Hare', 'Bedevilled Rabbit', 'Ducking the Devil', ' Bill of Hare', 'Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare' and 'The Fright Before Christmas'.
For a complete overview of all the cartoons see 'Summary'.

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